Injured by a Defective Product?

Products placed on the market by manufacturers are expected to perform for consumers in a safe manner and as represented by those who produce it. These same manufacturers are obligated to provide instructions as to their use, which are both accurate and complete. Retail and wholesale outlets who sell the products to consumers are also under an obligation to provide for sale products which meet safety standards and offer sufficient instructions for their safe use. In the event that you, as a consumer, are seriously injured by a product that is defective, you may have grounds for a defective product or product liability claim. To find out if your particular injury from a product falls under this category, it is important that you consult with a Tallahassee defective products lawyer at the firm so that he can fully evaluate the circumstances surrounding your accident and injury.

Product Liability Cases

Sometimes a product has been improperly assembled or machined, or has missing, inadequate, or incomplete instructions as to its safe use. Such issues are the responsibility of the manufacturer before a product is placed on the market. Defective products should be removed from distribution before they land in the hands of an unwitting consumer. Examples of defective products include contamination of food and drink products, defective auto and truck parts such as brakes, tires, or other components, defective construction industry products, household goods, and appliances. Compensation for injuries stemming from the use of such products can be based on negligence, breach of guaranty, and absolute responsibility. Absolute responsibility, also referred to as strict liability, means that the manufacturer, retailer, or wholesaler holds legal responsibility for injury or damages even if he was not negligent or at fault.

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