Injured by a Dangerous Drug?

As consumers, we place our trust in pharmaceutical companies, drug manufacturers, and research centers to provide adequate safety information and health standards for the use of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.  We expect that the drug has been properly tested for safety and risks associated with taking that drug.  And when a patient is prescribed a particular drug, they place their trust in the fact that the doctor is aware of the risks and potential effects of that drug.  The same is true for over-the-counter drugs. Unfortunately, despite drug research and Federal Drug Administration (FDA) trials and approval of these drugs, thousands of people are seriously injured and even die from unknown side-effects, which may result in a wrongful death case.

New prescription and over the counter drugs enter the market each day and claim to be safe and effective in aiding people who seek to combat a particular disease or ailments.  Additionally, drug companies seek to maximize their profits, and they manage to do this by fully understanding the testing process of their drugs, where the faster they can seek approval of their drug, the faster they can begin selling it to individuals in Florida.  Unfortunately for the users of these drugs, the full ramifications or long-term side-effects of these drugs is never fully known.  Many of these drugs are dangerous and seriously injure those who are taking them.

There have been many consumers who have taken drugs which have been subsequently recalled because the FDA has determined that the drug poses more of a risk to the general population than the drug was benefiting.  These drugs are often recalled after it is observed that people who have been taking that drug for many years develop long term side-effects, which were not presently observable.  In the event that you, as a consumer, are seriously injured by a dangerous drug or a drug which has been recalled, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim. To find out if your particular injury from a drug falls under this category, it is important that you consult with a Tallahassee dangerous drugs lawyer at the firm so that he can fully evaluate the circumstances surrounding your accident and injury.

Dangerous Drug Cases

Dangerous drug cases may arise under different circumstances.  History has shown that pharmaceutical companies have marketed particular drugs for "off label" uses, meaning these companies have found a way to increase their profits by selling a drug for a purpose for which the drug was not approved for.  We have also seen where drug manufacturers have not used proper quality control checks at the facility where the drug is being made, and the drug has been made with the wrong dosage of medication.  Often, it is determined that in an effort to rush the drug to market, evidence of serious side effects may be hidden from the public or the FDA, even if it was evident in the clinical trials.

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